Forest and land fires (karhutla) is an annual disaster are not only detrimental to the state and society but also for businesses, including concessionaires Forest plantations (HTI) and the downstream industry.
Related to this, Sinar Mas joint pillars of its business in the field of pulp and paper, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) provide support in order to cope with forest fires, such as helicopters, heavy equipment to make the bulkhead fire, pumps, send 1200 firemen Sinar Mas with the community (120 villages) who are members of the Concerned Citizens members of Fire (MPA) with an integrated communication system, provide counseling, and joint patrols local government, police, military, Agni Mangala.

"Prevention and management of fire not only we did in our concession area, but we also did blackouts of up to 5 km radius of the outermost point of the concession. We support every effort to prevent, control, and prevention of forest fires and land, "said the Director of APP - Sinar Mas Suhendra Wiriadinata, Friday (09/11/2015).

He said this step because of the loss of forest fires not only in terms of the environment and health but also from an economic standpoint. For holders of industrial timber plantation concessions, expected loss development investment HTI burning ranges from Rp 16 million to Rp 20 million per hectare, also lose potential revenue from the sale of plants burning, disruption of forest operations and harvesting, and to the disruption of the supply of raw materials to the downstream industry.

"In producing pulp (pulp) and paper, wood is the main ingredient we need to be preserved, and therefore the application of land preparation without burning (zero burning policy) become a priority since the inception of our concession. In addition, since 2013 we have implemented forest conservation policy (Forest Conservation Policy) that one commitment is not open natural forest land, so it is not possible we do forest fires, "added Suhendra.

In addition, as an effort to reduce the burden on society in the field of health, starting today and the next few days simultaneously opened examination and free treatment involves the Provincial Health Department of Riau and a team of doctors and nurses from Eka Hospital Pekanbaru in 3 districts affected by the smoke, namely District Center, Heritage and the tramp Regency in Riau. In addition, the masks are also distributed free of charge to the public.
"We hope that the program that we do can help the prevention and control of fires as well as useful to ease the burden of those affected by smog", he added.

Ministry of Environment and Forests (LHK), appealed, and in collaboration with various stakeholders, including local governments, BNPB, Mangala Agni, police, military, community and sector forest-based industries to work together to overcome this disaster, both in preventing and controlling fires that hit most of the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.
Support Karhutla prevention and control carried out by the various stakeholders in the forestry sector and the environment, including by Sinar Mas joint pillars of its business in the field of pulp and paper, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP).

So far, APP - Sinar Mas has equipped itself with a variety of equipment and infrastructure control and firefighting, among others helicopter (water bomb), the tower of fire (fire tower), fire truck, portable fire fighting pump, floating pump station, vehicle patrols includes car and speed boat, including conducting channel blocking.

In addition, the company also invested a tool for early detection of fire through remote monitoring (remote sensing) using satellites NOAA, TERRA and AQUA Modis.
Previously, APP - Sinar Mas received appreciation from the National Disaster Management Agency in April 2014 ago, after an active role in the Task Force (Task Force) reduction Riau smog formed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to 6, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the time.
Such efforts coupled with holding real action to reduce the burden on affected communities, one of which provide free medical services and a mask when the disastrous fires in Riau in March 2014 ago.
"APP - Sinar Mas has always supported various efforts to prevent, control, and disaster management karhutla," he