Pulp and paper industries business growth in Indonesia which reaches 12 percent in 2015 motivates the utilization of lubricants for the industries as much as 10 million liters per year (APKI, 2014). Shell lubricants answers the necessity of pulp and paper industries agents in the world including Indonesia by producing Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M 150 and S3 M 220 which is saving machines maintenance costs, protecting machines from corrosion and machines utilizing efficiency.

According to Dr. Johari Jalil, Commercial Director/General Manager of Lubricants & Fuels at Shell Indonesia, “Shell records the lubricants requirement for pulp and paper business in Indonesia reach 10 million liters per year. The requirement is related with the increase of modern paper machine utilization inside pulp and paper mills which have to raise its used capacity in order to fulfill the necessities of paper and packing producers.

As one of world leading lubricants providing company, Shell Lubricants is always trying to fulfill businessmen requirements including pulp and paper business requirement. Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M lubricant utilization which is specialized for pulp and paper industries machines would guard production machines in their company, work more efficient and reduce maintenance cost and operational cost.

Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M is high quality basic lubricant which is made by modern technology without additive dust. “The lubricant is made to give maximum protection to every requirements and existence condition in modern paper machines. The lubricant is fulfill the standard on Metso, SKF and Voith paper machine system,” said Jason Cao Product Application Specialist (PAS) Team from Shell China.

This Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M lubricant which is just introduced to pulp and paper businessmen in Indonesia in a forum entitled “Shell Pulp & Paper Expert Forum 2015” which is seminar of Shell Technology specialized for pulp and paper industries the first which is applied in Indonesia.

Seminar which took place in Tentrem Hotel Yogyakarta in 11 August 2015 was attended by known pulp and paper industries in Indonesia such as PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper, PT Tjiwi Kimia and other companies from Asia Pulp and Paper Group, RAPP Group, PT Adiprima Suraprinta etc. At least 73 seminar participants from known 23 pulp and paper companies has attended the seminar which is aimed to share knowledge about lubricant technology in pulp and paper industries and how Shell lead in lubricants technology field to fulfill every challenges in related industries.

Dian Andyasuri, Cluster Marketing Manager for Indonesia said that the forum implementation in the form of seminar is aimed to get direct information from paper machines lubricant users that are pulp and paper industries in Indonesia about their necessities and share knowledge about latest lubricant for pulp and paper industries: Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M 220 and S3 M