National pulp and paper producer Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd (APRIL) launches Fire Free Village program again.

A multiside cooperation program which aimed to prevent fire. APRIL, through its subsidiary, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) would donates Rp 100 million development fund for villages which is successfully preventing fire.

In his note, Director of RAPP-APRIL Rudi Fajar explained, his party cooperate with the villages, law enforcement officers, military, local governments, Regional Disaster Management Agency, and NGO's to run Fire Free Villages program. "This year program includes nine fire troubled villages around Kampar river," he said when launched the program at Kerinci, Pelalawan, Riau, last week.

Rudi said that Fire Free Villages program uses five approaches including incentives for societies who are not burning land, building leadership in preventing fire, giving alternate sustainable farming, air quality monitoring, and counseling around fire negative impacts.

Former TNI Commander General Moeldoko appreciated and said that Fire Free Villages program as a new solution to control land and forest fire. "There has to be an out of the box solution outside usual habits to prevent land and forest fire," Moeldoko said in the ceremony.

RAPP/APRIL Group has applied a tight land cultivation policy without firing since its first operation in 1994.