The graphic industry players evaluate that to optimize downstream paper, the government needs to facilitate the industrial area specifically for the graphics industries to improve competitiveness.

Chairman of the Association of Graphic Indonesia (PPGI) Jimmy Juneanto said that the potential value added and income of 5 million tons of paper wasted by exporting paper spindles. The existence of localization graphics industries considered to be one way to improve competitiveness through increased efficiency for processing the raw material.

"From 12.5 million tonnes of paper production, only about 7.5 million tons were processed. We actually stayed adapt the system that has been implemented in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and even Vietnam that export high graphics when their raw materials are still imported, "he said at

He explained that the company recently formed a team to draw up an industrial area proposal to the stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Economy, National Land Agency and the local government were targeted into the industrial area.

According to him, the proposal will be completed in the first quarter of next year. While the framework for the development of the region is expected to be completed in 2018. "This is for the long term. Because the relocation takes time. Thailand itself needs 10 years. But now it succeed and even expand, "he said.