Sinar Mas Group is constructing pulp and paper plant which is claimed as a largest plant in Asia, it has production capacity of 2 million ton of pulp per year.

“The plant which is belong to PT OKI Pulp and Paper would rise Indonesia paper plant competitiveness in the world, previously it ranked number eight then it become number three,” said Managing Director of Sinar Mas Group G Sulistyanto in Jakarta.

The plant development which is located at Ogan Komering Ilir Palembang, is still commencing and it is predicted would operate in 2016 or 2017, which is export oriented production and has value of Rp 14 trillion per year.

“The investment value is Rp 30 trillion. Almost 80 percent of the total production would be exported to 20 countries in the world with main destination is Europe, United State, Japan and China,” said Sulistyanto. Today, Sulistyanto said that the company is still waiting the sign of fiscal facility such as holiday tax by the government.

Meanwhile, Minister of Industry Saleh Husin said that the holiday tax proposal by Sinar Mas Group has fulfill the requirements in Ministry level, therefore it has already on the president Joko Widodo's desk.

“It might still on the president’s desk. It might still a lot of documents that have to be signed. Documentation business with Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Finance has been done,” said the Minister of Industry.

The Ministry of Industry expects, the fiscal facility could be use by the pulp and paper producer, because it has very high investment value, the location is lie on the remote are, employs a lot of labor and export