Indonesia has the largest pulp and paper company in Southeast Asia, one of which, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP). The company invested 6 million US funds only to monitor fires.

Pulp and paper mill PT RAPP centered in Pangkalan Kerinci Capital Pelalawan, Riau. As a license holder plantation forests (HTI) covering an area of 338 536 hectares the company is often haunted by the problem of forest fires. HTI is aksia tree planting to the needs of the supply of raw baban paper.

HTI concession companies, also often receive rembetan fire from land and forest fires. Could be, about HTI areas bordering the community lands of frequent fires. Fire can spread through rembetan, or also can carry sparks to fly in the wind.

To know the whole situation of his plantation areas, the company is also willing to spend 6 million dollars. The total funds used equipment monitoring hot spots in the area of ‚Äč the company and its surroundings. Monitoring is done by means of satellites. That is why, at the office of PT RAPP there is a special room that memotor entire working area. Investment as much as it also includes the procurement of helicopters.

"We are very serious in handling the fire in the concession us. Because if the land we hit rembetan fire, surely we are feeling that loss," said Community Development & Stakeholder Relations Head, PT RAPP, Wan Mohd Jakh Anza, in conversation with AFP on Wednesday (09/09/2015).

With equipment owned it, then the PT RAPP will be easier to monitor the emergence of hot spots in the concession or around the concession. When emerging hot spots, then the team will soon be deployed to get to the point that location.

"Hot spots are not necessarily the point of the fire. But once appeared on our screen, direct the team to move. Because each sector in our region already exists officers," said Wan Jakh.

At the latest, if there rembetan fire into HTI area companies, according to Wan Jakh, in just 30 minutes the team was at the location. When there is a fire, then the fire melokasir direct team.

"Efforts to direct landline outage we do. There are already experts see where the head and which the tail flame of fire. From the position that will be done outage which should take precedence and which areas should be sealed so that the fire does not spread," Wan Jakh.

Even if the fire had been, at best, the burned area HTI maximum of 3 hectares. Hot spot monitoring system that the company is not owned by the Riau provincial government let alone the district level. The company carries out monitoring of hot spots within a matter of 24 hours.

Besides having a field fire monitoring technology, the company is also holding a number of villages in the vicinity. In July, under the auspices of the paper companies APRIL, this makes cooperation with 9 villages.

The company will provide compensation of Rp100 million for the villagers who did the burning land. Deadlines villages zero hotspots, starting July to October as the peak drought in Riau.

Not just compensation is given to the village without hotspots, fostering socialization also performed. PT RAPP recruit crews from each village that serves menjembati between companies and communities.

"The crew will be in charge of what is needed to bridge the community in the management of their land. We do not merely prohibit burn, without having to provide a solution," said Wan Jakh.

From this method, what the company wants the village without a fire in order to produce results. Within July to September, only one village found no fires were deliberately set on fire.

"From there the crew that we have cultivated immediately report any fires. The team immediately we terjunkan. Luasannya only 2 hectares and we immediately put out," said Wan Jakh.

The company in collaboration with the villagers and government officials, also wants to bridge what the citizens. For example, wants to open oil palm plantations. The company helps lend heavy equipment to clear the land residents.

"We provide assistance for residents of heavy equipment without having to open land burned. And this is effective," said Wan Jakh.

When referring to the previous years, said Wan Jakh, 9 during this village is one of the largest contributors to smoke. But now the village is 80 percent no longer fires. Still there was the village found the hotspots, but generally a fire rembatan, not intentional.

"Formerly, every village there is a fire of at least 200 hectares of land, in fact there are up to 400 hectares. The approach we do thank God provide solutions together without having to open the land with the system burned," said Wan Jakh.

Company that was established in 1994 ago, according to Wan Jakh since the beginning has been implementing land management policies without fuel. However, a fire sparked and spread to the other party HTI, the company lost its assets in the form of industrial plants as much as 140 million dollars since 2009.

"We also have 630 volunteers caring society that we nurture fire. All of this in order to save the company's assets and for the sake of Riau without smoke," added Wan