Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Group, one of national pulp and paper producer cooperates with South Sumatra Government to overcome deforestation issue and decrease Greenhouse Effect.

Managing Director Sustainability APP, Aida Greenbury said that it is a multiside development in forming sustainable and responsible forest land management.

“We are trying to protect forest for the future. Multiside approach to make real change and sustainable forest conservation.” Aida said in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/7/2105).

Aida explained that South Sumatra is chosen as one of priorities in International restoration agenda. The commitment is a part of government agenda to reduce greenhouse emission as much as 26 percent by government effort and 41 percent by international cooperation in 2020.

“Thus, we need to develop a clear and effective mechanism for the stakeholders to understand the role and responsibilities in managing landscape, from business sectors which is managing concession area, the government side and policy maker which is handling the climate change issue, then society and NGO,” She said.

While, Governor of South Sumatra Alex Noerdin explained that deforestation and forest degradation became a global community attention and responsibility because the impact of this environmental damage is beyond national borders.

“That's why we planned a vision which includes the stakeholders by integrated approach towards forest and land management for sustainable development in order to synchronize environmental protection, economical development and increasing social prosperity in a landscape.” Alex said.