Tissue industrial agents said that local tissue industries were not growing in first semester of 2015, it remain in production range of 50,000 ton to 60,000 ton.

Bambang Dwi Setiawan from Indonesia Tissue Producers Association said that at the beginning his party predicted there would be a growth of about 20%, it is motivated by last year optimism.

During 2014, total production of tissue packaging in Indonesia itself is around 100,000 ton of Rp 3 trillion priced.

“We are not expecting that economy is depressed. It could say flat, as last year,” he said to Bisnis recently.

He explain that one of the causes is the the lack of local market consumption and rupiahs depression.

He presume that pulp which is raw material of tissue are using world price.

“Tissue price should be raised, that's the logic. Pulp price is rising, why then paper price decreases?,” he said.

According to Bambang, the growth of tissue demand in Indonesia is still small and still has potential to be continually developed.

He gave an example, local tissue consumption is below 1 kg per capita per year. While industrial country could reach 25 kg per capita per year.

“Indonesia might be 600 gram per capita per year. Singapore has above 5 kg, Malaysia around 3 kg to 4 kg per capita per year,” he explain.

He said that tissue is a commodity which is it consumers need to be educated, so the consumption could be grow.

In 2010 tissue industries briefly grow about 40%. It shows that actually market in Indonesia could be raised if the economical condition is going well.