Haze disaster due to forest fires, especially in the southern part of Sumatra island, according to Greenpeace, most are on land concessions the company Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

"This is not surprising, given the APP has the largest total concession area with a legacy of deforestation, especially in southern Sumatra, the area concentration of forest fires," said Greenpeace Indonesia forest campaigner Teguh Surya in Menteng, Jakarta, Thursday (29/10 / 2015).

This, according to Teguh, can be identified by Greenpeace as a subsidiary of the Sinar Mas Group, is the only company that publishes a map of the concession.

Based on the data provided by Greenpeace, the forest fires on paper company land concessions in the province of South Sumatra, is high compared to most other provinces.

"Pulp mills and palm oil must ensure the termination of the clearing of forests and peatlands. Companies that neglect and still destroying forests and peatlands should be directly responsible," said Teguh.

Greenpeace also keep pushing the government to disclose the names of companies that burn land concession.

"Transparency is an important indicator not only for fighting forest fires, but also corrupt sectors of natural resource management," he said.