Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association (APKI) assess that boycotts Indonesian tissue products made by the government of Singapore is a discriminatory attitude. Presumption of innocence assessed must take precedence during the investigation process is still ongoing.

As is known, on 7 October, Indonesia tissue products circulating in Singapore withdrawn by supermarket chain NTUC Fair Price on the recommendation of the Government of Singapore and the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Singapore.

Liana Bratasida, Executive Director of APKI said that Singapore has accused the manufacturer of the product is burning forest. Meanwhile, the process of investigation against perpetrators of forest and land fires is still ongoing by the Indonesian government and suppression efforts continue to be made by all sides, including by the company APKI members.

She considered discriminatory actions by the Singapore tend to be the unfortunate by many parties, the current government and law enforcement in Indonesia are working hard to find the perpetrators of forest fires.

"The principle of the presumption of innocence should be encouraged. Indonesian government and law enforcement should be supported in their duties to find the perpetrators of forest burning and we hope that all parties, including the Singapore government, NGOs and all parties can appreciate the ongoing process at this time," she said in an official statement on Tuesday (13/10).

Pulp and paper producers in Indonesia, said Liana, are now very concerned about the environment because the market is very selective about it. For example, she said that one large group of pulp and paper manufacturers have implemented a Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), where there is a commitment not to open the natural forest again.

"So many accusations regarding land clearing by burning by the supplier is no longer relevant. In addition, many manufacturers of pulp and paper in Indonesia, which has been certified chain of custody (CoC) certificate of legality (SVLK) and certificates of environmentally friendly products so that environmental aspects must really be considered ", adds Liana.

On that ground, Liana begged Indonesian government respond to this. He considered the Singapore government's actions as not appreciate the process of the investigation being conducted by the Indonesian government.

"We need to be aware of this as an effort of international trade competition with the aim of discrediting the industry Indonesia which will then affect the investment climate in Indonesia. Therefore, we appeal to all levels of Indonesian society to come together and be more observant of the efforts of various parties or other countries who want to tarnish the good name of Indonesia, "said Liana.

Liana explained, the pulp and paper industry is Indonesia excellent product and strategic. According to her, Indonesia can excel in this industry because of the advantage of the availability of raw materials supported with tropical climate which allows the tree can grow optimally.

"Currently, Indonesia is a producer of pulp number nine and number six for paper in the world with a total export value of US $ 5.6 billion per year and has the potential to be number one because of the advantages of raw materials and experience in producing pulp and paper," she explained.

Source: CNN