The government continues to monitor the enforcement of a civil lawsuit against PT Bumi Hijau Mekar, a subsidiary of PT Sinar Mas. PT BHM civil sued by the Ministry of Environment and Forests to Palembang District Court of Rp7.8 trillion since 3rd February .

Head of Public Relations of the Ministry LHK Eka W Soegiri said the lawsuit is still being processed at PN Palembang.

"Finally we call expert witnesses to strengthen the lawsuit alleged violations committed by PT BHM. We're just waiting for the verdict PN, whether guilty or not, "said Eka told CNN Indonesia.

Ministry LHK find the alleged burning of PT BHM land area of ​​20 thousand hectares in 2014 in the District Simpang Tiga Sungai Way and District Byuku Ogan Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra.

The lawsuit filed after the Ministry of LHK perform calculations on the cost of repairs and the loss of land burned. In the lawsuit, PT BHM asked to reimburse the costs of environmental improvements and redress damage to the natural conditions of the government.

Regarding the impact of the investment on the civil suit, Eka said Minister Siti Nurbaya LHK Bakr has ordered all staff to continue processing the civil and criminal lawsuits from companies suspected of burning land.

"We do not see who is behind the company. If indeed proven wrong, this could be a lesson to others that the government is not playing games, "said Eka.

Lawsuit filed by the Ministry of LHK to companies created based on the classification categories of fires, ie mild, moderate and severe. For weight category, the company will be sued to court, as happened in PT BHM.

Not only that, companies are also required to indemnify damage to land and asked to apologize to the public.

"The case of PT BHM has entered the realm of the courts. There should not be any intervention from the ministry. We must respect the legal process, "said Eka.

Ask no discrimination

PT Sinar Mas has said it will follow all legal proceedings against PT Bumi Hijau Blooms in Palembang District Court.

"We follow the legal process. If found guilty, please punished. But if not convicted, should not be judged busy-busy, "said Managing Director of Sinar Mas, Gandi Sulistiyanto, Tuesday (13/10).

He also demanded that the government was selective in investigating the case. "What about other companies? Do not discriminate, "he said.

Besides PT BHM, LHK Ministry also demanded civil PT Kallista Alam on suspicion of burning about 1,000 hectares of land that is within the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL) in mid-2012.

Companies are required to replace the loss of Rp365 billion to Rp114 billion details to the state treasury and land restoration fund of Rp 251miliar. PT Kallista Alam had filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court in early September this year.

According to Eka, so far the government is still examining 34 companies suspected of burning the land. For these violations, the companies that will be subject to administrative, civil and criminal.

Law enforcement on forest and land fires is also carried out by the Indonesian National Police. National Police Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti said it has named two foreign companies from Malaysia and China as a suspect, as well as investigating one other company from Singapore.

So far the police have set up 12 companies as alleged burning of land in Sumatra and